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Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital city, offers a blend of modern architecture and ancient landmarks. Baidoa, with its lush greenery and waterfalls, provides a tranquil environment for filming. Kismayo is a historic port city with a rich cultural heritage and interesting people – our journalist fixer knows all the best stories! Somaliland has breathtaking landscapes and undiscovered sites that our production coordinator in Somalia is eager to promote. Jubaland has a unique mix of savannah, forest, and wetland landscapes, perfect for any film.

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As the capital of the Bay region, Baidoa has a rich cultural heritage. Its architectural styles range from traditional Somali to colonial Italian. One of the most interesting facts about Baidoa is that it hosts the second-largest mosque in the country. The Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed Mosque can accommodate over 10,000 worshipers at once. As a production coordinator in Somalia, we can help you secure filming permits and connect you with local fixers and crew members who have experience working in Baidoa. Our location scout can also help you discover hidden gems for your shoot, such as the beautiful Haji Hussein forest or the scenic Warabe Valley.

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Founded in 1872 by the sultan of Zanzibar, Kismayo was taken by the British in 1887. Its old town is a beautiful sight to see, with narrow alleyways and centuries-old houses made of coral stone. Moreover, Kismayo is also home to several interesting people, such as traditional dancers, fishermen, and farmers, whose stories you can discover with the help of our journalist fixer. Working with Fixer Somalia, you can capture the essence of Kismayo and its people, creating a compelling film.


Our location scout can show you the Laas Geel cave paintings, which are believed to be some of the oldest in Africa, or the ancient port city of Zeila, which was once a hub of international trade. The Hargeisa Cultural Center showcases the region’s traditional music, dance, and arts. In addition to its cultural richness, Somaliland also offers breathtaking scenery, from the rugged mountains of the Daallo Range to the pristine beaches along the coast, like the deserted beaches of Berbera.



The region includes some of the most remote and marginalized areas of the country, some of which are entirely cut off during the rainy season for months at a time. Despite its rich natural resources, the conflict has kept the region quite unstable. Through our location scouting, you can access some stunning attractions, such as the ancient ruins of Sarapion or the picturesque waterfalls of Qoriyaley. Additionally, our production coordinator in Somalia can assist you with all logistics and local authorities’ support.

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From the bustling streets of Mogadishu to the scenic beauty of Baidoa, Kismayo, and Jubaland, there is no shortage of inspiring backdrops for your next project. With our in-depth knowledge of the country and extensive experience, we are confident that we can help you find the right location to bring your script to life.

We have highlighted just a few of the many amazing places in Somalia that are ideal for filming, and we are always happy to recommend additional locations based on your specific needs and preferences. Our journalist fixer can also help you connect the odd individual to add even more depth to your project.

At the heart of our services is our commitment to providing exceptional support to our clients. As your production coordinator in Somalia, we will adapt to your priorities, your must-haves, and would-likes. Your audience will be impressed to see a new facet of Somalia.

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